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Ingredient analysis——Cetearyl alcohol


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    Ingredient analysis——Cetearyl alcohol

    2023-12-18 10:42:09

    Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol, and its name is also a combination of the two names. Because cetyl alcohol is a straight-chain saturated fatty alcohol with 16 carbon atoms, stearyl alcohol is a straight-chain saturated fatty alcohol with 18 carbon atoms, so it is also called cetostearyl alcohol.

    The origin of cetearyl alcohol:
    The word "spermaceti" comes from whales. A long time ago, people extracted the wax fat from the heads of toothed whales such as sperm whales. When cooled to 0°C, the solid part produced is spermaceti, which can be used in the production of skin care products and precision instruments. And high-grade lubricants for watches and clocks. The main component is cetyl glycol ester, and some are cetyl glycol ester of myristic acid and lauric acid. The saturated straight-chain structure of 16 carbons is associated with the word "spertiaceti".

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    Source of Cetearyl Alcohol:
    Seeing this, are you worried that the source of cetearyl alcohol is unfriendly?

    Don’t worry, think about what the 16-carbon saturated fatty acid is called? Yes, it's palmitic acid. Okay, I admit they have a lot of names. As the name suggests, you can guess that its origin is related to plants.

    Most of the cetearyl alcohol used today is produced from coconut oil and palm oil.

    Raw material knowledge tips:

    The common ratio of cetearyl alcohol: stearyl alcohol accounts for about 65~80%, cetyl alcohol accounts for about 10~35%, generally regarded as 70:30. White granules or flakes, melting point 48~52 degrees.

    Because the source of raw materials is common tropical plants, the origin is usually Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries.

    Note: Our company also provide 50:50 and 30:70 products, with different melting points, If you have any needs for cetearyl alcohol, please contact us at any time.