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Manufacturer L-Malic acid CAS 97-67-6 with bulk price


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Manufacturer L-Malic acid CAS 97-67-6 with bulk price

  • Product Name L-Malic acid
  • CasNo 97-67-6
  • MF C4H6O5
  • Purity 99%
  • Brand Weibang
  • Shelf life 2 years
  • Usage L-Malic acid can be used for food additives

Introduce our latest product, L-malic acid, L-malic acid, also known as cas 97-67-6, is a natural multifunctional ingredient with a wide range of uses.

L-malic acid is white or colored powder, naturally present in many fruits, especially apples. L-(-)-Malic acid is known for its sour taste and is often used as a food additive to add sourness to beverages, candies, and other foods.

L-Malic Acid is also utilized in the production of cosmetics and personal care products.

Whether you are a food and beverage manufacturer looking to enhance the flavor and preservation of your products, or a cosmetics formulator seeking a natural and effective ingredient, L-Malic Acid is the perfect choice for your needs.

L-Malic acid Applications

CAS 97-67-6 with bulk price01jow

1. L-Malic acid is white or colorless powder,L-Malic acid is mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.L-Malic acid also includes raw materials used as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tooth cleaners, metal cleaners, anticoagulants in the textile industry, and fluorescent whitening agents for polyester fibers.

CAS 97-67-6 with bulk price0287n

2. L-(-)-Malic acid contains natural emollient ingredients, which can remove wrinkles on the skin surface and make the skin white, smooth and elastic. Therefore, L-Malic acid is very popular in cosmetic formulas. L-Malic acid can be formulated with a variety of flavors. , spices, used in a variety of daily chemical products

CAS 97-67-6 with bulk price03b9g

3. L-Malic acid is used as a sour agent in refreshing drinks (such as lactic acid bacteria drinks, milk drinks, soda, cola), frozen foods (such as liqueur, ice cream, etc.), processed foods (such as liqueur, mayonnaise), and fruit drinks Color maintainers, preservatives, and emulsion stabilizers for egg yolks, etc.

L-Malic acid Specification

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Product Name

L-Malic acid



Production Date


Report Date




Test Date




Shelf life

2 years

Testing Items



White to Almost white powder to crystal


min.97.0 %

Optical purity(GC)


Purity(Neutralization titration)

min. 98.0 %

Melting point

101.0 to 105.0 C

Solubility in Water

almost transparency