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High quality high purity Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7 at wholesale price-copy

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High quality high purity Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7 at wholesale price-copy

  • Product name Benzaldehyde
  • CAS No 100-52-7
  • MF 106.12
  • Purity 99%min
  • Brand Weibang
  • Shelf life 2 years
  • Usage Benzaldehyde is a very versatile chemical raw material.

Benzaldehyde is an organic compound, and is synthetized by the way that the hydrogen of benzene is substituted by aldehyde. It is the most simple, and also the most commonly used industrial aromatic aldehyde. It is a colorless liquid at room temperature and has a special almond odor. Benzaldehyde is a compound that aldehyde is directly linked to the phenyl group, because it has a similar bitter almond flavor.

Benzaldehyde widely exists in plant, especially in the Rosaceae plants. It is mainly in the form of glycosides in plant stem bark, leaves or seeds, such as amygdalin, bitter almond, cherry, laurel, peach.

Benzaldehyde is naturally in bitter almond oil, patchouli oil, hyacinth oil, cananga oil. The compound is also in the nutlets and nuts, and exists in the form of Amygdalin, which is combination of glycosides. The chemical properties of Benzaldehyde is similar to that of aliphatic aldehydes, but It is also different.

Benzaldehyde cannot reduce fehling reagent. When the reducing fat is used to reduce the benzaldehyde, the main products are benzene methanol, four substituted for the ortho-glycol and two-phenyl ethylene glycol. In the presence of potassium cyanide, two molecules of benzaldehyde form benzoin by acceptance the hydrogen atom.

Benzaldehyde Applications

Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7537

1. Benzaldehyde is an important raw material for medicine, dyestuff, perfume and resin industry. It also can be used as solvent, plasticizer and low temperature lubricant. In essence, it is mainly used for the deployment of food flavor. A small amount of benzaldehyde is daily use in flavor and flavor of tobacco. In spite of being widely used as commercial food condiment and industrial solvents, the main use of benzyl alcohol is still used to synthesize a variety of other compounds from pharmaceuticals to plastic additives. Benzyl alcohol is an important intermediate product in the production of perfumes, spices, and some aniline dyes.

Mandelic acid was synthesized by benzaldehyde as the starting reagent: With the first hydrocyanic acid reacts with benzaldehyde, then mandelonitrile hydrolyzed to Racemic mandelic acid. Glacialist LaChepelle and Stillman reported Ice crystallization is inhibited by benzaldehyde and aldehydes ice in 1966, so as to prevent the thick frost formation (Depth Hoar). This process can prevent snowslide caused by the instability of the snow cover. However, this compound has not been used extensively, because of the destruction of vegetation and polluted water sources.


2.It is mainly used for the preparation of flavors,such as almond,cherry,peach, nuts, etc., the amount is up to 40%. As aromatizing agent canned cherry syrup, adding amount is sugar 3mL/kg.

3.Pharmaceutical, dyestuff, spice intermediates.

cas 100-52-7 Benzaldehydepm3

4.As the head of the special aroma, it is used trace formula for fragrance, such as lilac, white, violet, jasmine, acacia, sunflower, sweet plum, orange flower, Tofu pudding etc.. Also it is used in soap. Also it can be used as edible spices for almond, coconut cream, berries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, walnuts, and vanilla bean, spicy flavor. Wine with flavors such as rum, brandy, etc.

5. Benzaldehyde is an intermediate of herbicide resistance, plant growth regulator, and anti-amine.

6. Used as a reagent for the determination of ozone, phenol, alkaloid and methylene. Used in the preparation of spices.

Benzaldehyde Specification

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Production Date


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Shelf life

2 years

Testing Items



Colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid


≥99.50 %



Density (P20gc/m3)




Total impurities